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Take advantage of our limited offer $4000 value discounted to $2000*.

  • What We Offer
    1XX - 30 second radio adverts across 10 days
    Trademe - Silver package upgrade
    Open2View - professional daylight photography (up to 30x photos)
    Just listed DLE flyers – 200 delivered in your immediate area
    Certificate of Title
    Office A3 window card – LED display in our office
    Property Brochures - A4 glossy brochures to showcase your property
    Beacon - 3x 1/2 pages in The Whakatane Beacon
    Metal wing wrap photo signboard displayed at your property
    Social media marketing – Harcourts Whakatane Facebook & Instagram (regionally boosted)
    Video slideshow with professional voice over created for,, Trademe & Social media Auctioneer fee
    LIM – ordered from Council
  • Terms and Conditions
    *Conditions apply, 90-day exclusive listing between 15th April - 31st May 2021
    • To be eligible for the “Autumn 2021 campaign” the property must be listed exclusively with Harcourts ETB Realty
    • Harcourts ETB Realty standard business terms apply for any enhanced or additional marketing selected by the property owner
    • The vendors can enhance the marketing products at any time for an additional cost
    • In the event that the exclusive agency held with Harcourts ETB Realty is cancelled/withdrawn (or is not renewed) by either party, then the vendor (s) agree to reimburse for any marketing used, up to the value of $2000 inc GST (Auction Package)
    • The Autumn 2021 promotion is valid until the 31st of May 2021
Let's Celebrate Autumn